Biological Research Station

Biological Reserve Station

The Hacienda Barú Biological Research Station

The creation of the Biological Research Station stemmed from the desire to create a facility to enhance the long-term conservation of natural habitats on Hacienda Baru and in the region. Funds for its construction came from the federal government’s expropriation of lands to widen the coastal highway that divides Hacienda Baru. Construction ended in late 2011 and operations began in 2012.

The Station is located in, and dedicated to, the research and restoration of the Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor, which runs from the Savegre River Watershed to the Sierpe-Térraba River Watershed. Our goal is to have the Station become the cornerstone of research throughout the Corridor by (1) creating a respected research facility for the study of regional flora and fauna, (2) evolving into an institution that instills regional stewardship by empowering local communities, and (3) affiliating with a first-rate university or nonprofit organization. The Station will continue to partner with Hacienda Barú Lodge to offer environmentally sensitive tourist activities focused on the ecological and scientific expertise required to protect the region.

Hacienda Barú Center for Biological Research Vision

We envision a Center that is actively engaged in protecting the biologically diverse Corridor region and whose scientists and educators are dedicated to discovering and sharing their knowledge, both for the benefit of region and as a model for worldwide application.

Hacienda Barú Center for Biological Research Mission.

Our mission is to manage, understand, protect and improve Hacienda Baru's natural and intellectual resources for the benefit of all its stakeholders – students, researchers, guests, owners, employees, and local communities – and to create a model that is replicable elsewhere.

Hacienda Barú's Biological Research Station's facilities

The Center is well constructed, designed to operate with minimal maintenance, and compatible with its surroundings and the local conditions.

The Center has a large laboratory (392 sq. meters, 4,220 sq. feet), as well as a wet lab and a classroom designed for 24 people. Its dining room has the capacity for 40 people and also serves as an additional classroom area. The dormitory consists of four bedrooms, each of which sleeps up to four people, and unisex bathrooms.

Its insulated high ceilings create a naturally cool environment, and its covered passageways provide protection from the elements. Its ample corridors provide work and relaxation areas. The facility has Internet and laundry services and is protected by 24-hour security.

Hacienda Barú Prices

Please contact us for more information.

Rates through 12/31/2014 Non-Latin Americans Latin Americans Groups
Room (per person) $30.00 $20.00 Contact us
Day Pass $10.00 $5.00
Food $10.00 per day & $25.00 for cook $10.00 per day & $25.00 for cook Contact us
Research Negotiable Negotiable Contact us
Children (5-12) Pay half of room rate Pay half of room rate
*Taxes not included

Hacienda Barú Directions

Hacienda Barú Wildlife Refuge borders the northwest bank of the Barú River, across from the town of Dominical in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. The entrance to the Biological Research Center is approximately 800 meters NW of the Barú River Bridge and a little over one kilometer SE of the entrance to Hacienda Barú Lodge Cabins ( on Rte 34, the Southern Coastal Highway.

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